Do I have to book a trial/consultation?

It isn’t mandatory to book a trial run-through before the big day but it is highly recommended as it gives the artist and bride a chance to meet before the wedding to work-out the exact look you’ll be showcasing on your special day. Not only does it allow for the day-of to run exactly as planned and any tweaks and adjustments to be mapped out, but the 2nd time around will only be better!

When should I book the trial/consultation?

The trial can be done as soon as you’re ready! If you already know the look you’d like and want to book before giving a deposit then a trial is recommended as soon as possible as the wedding date isn't secured until a deposit is given and contract signed.  Sometimes scheduling the trial on the day of a special event is a good idea (engagement shoot, bridal shower, birthday, etc). to make double use of the hair and makeup!

What brands of make-up do you use?

We use all high-end professional grade brands of make-up. A list of our favourite brands include Make-up Forever, NARS, Benefit, Cleu de Peu, Urban Decay, Stila… the list goes on as we have our favourite items from each select line. Schulz Beauty also  has curated a selection of some of our favourite beauty products for retail.

Can you accommodate large bridal parties?

Yes absolutely! We have enough artists available to accommodate larger parties and have the timing for make-up and hair requirements down to a science so you’ll never have to worry about hair and make-up not sticking to a schedule.

Do you do return for touch-ups?

Yes ! Some brides request a return for touch-ups or a look change depending on the timing of day. For instance if you need to be ready by 11am, some brides feel at ease knowing that we will return before the reception or ceremony to do any touch-ups required. Weather factors such as high-humidity or the possibility of rain make the a return for touch-ups attractive so you know everything will be picture perfect all day long. That being said, touch-ups aren’t usually required besides the typical lip-retouch or blotting/powdering as our make-up and hair applications are designed to last 12-15 hours, all day long. Return for touch-ups are $200 for the bride and bridal party plus applicable travel fees, add $95 for a look change for the bride.