• Come with clean and dry hair (wash your hair preferably the night before the day of the appointment), when washing your hair condition from your mid-lengths to ends only. If your hair is naturally slippery, skip conditioner all together. 
  • Stray away from silicone based products, they will make the hair too slippery to work with. Pantene, Palmolive, Tresemme and Sunsilk are some to avoid.
  • Blow dry your hair smooth after washing it, avoid using a flat iron to straighten
  • Have little to no product in your hair, some light styling product would be fine but mainly avoid any serums, smoothing creams, and any type of oil. 


  • The night before use a mild exfoliant to create a smooth canvas for your makeup application.
  • Exfoliate your lips! Moisturized and exfoliated lips are key in having kissable soft lips for your wedding. 
  • Arrive with a cleansed and moisturized face. Avoid any products with SPF's.


Makeup and Hair Trial Prep:

In addition to the above instructions, also bring the following...

  • Any hair accessories that you plan on wearing for your wedding 
  • Pictures of make-up and hair you love for inspiration. Try and choose photos that are consistent to your own hair and facial features
  • Wearing white or something light and airy so that you can better envision your bridal look on your wedding day