A new way to think of makeup!

Welcome Beauties!

Schulz Beauty was created to fill a necessity and gap in Toronto's beauty market; an intimate, yet glamorous place to go and get dolled up! Lets be honest, who even knows where to get a good spray tan in Toronto? 

Gone are the days of getting your make-up done at MAC or Sephora, with a plethora of shoppers staring at you in awe while you sit under harsh fluorescent lighting... Now, get ready in your own private studio, seated at a luxurious vanity... maybe even with a glass of wine, or with your girlfriend getting ready next to you. Gone are the days of getting a spray tan in a make-shift spray tanning area or flimsy tent; we’ll provide you with the space to allow you to feel the utmost comfortable while getting your glow on. 

Opening in December 2015, keep an eye out on our blog for our best tips and tricks, and upcoming news.

xo Jen and Gracie