Microblading 101

It's likely over the last 6-12 months you've heard of the phrase - microblading .. or eyebrow embroidery, semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, etc. You may have seen a friend or colleague with some amazing brows and upon inquiry realized it was a result of their microblading procedure.

To give you a quick lesson in Microblading 101: microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment using a small blade dipped in pigment to create hair-thin strokes that blend in with and enhance your natural eyebrows. Because each stroke is done by hand, the artist can create the perfect colour, density, and brow shape for each individual client. It is generally a 2-step process, and after the final touchup the client will walk away with full and natural-looking brows that will last anywhere between 1-3 years! 

Check out the before and after photos to see for yourself how amazing and natural the transformation is...

toronto microblading before and after
microblading toronto
microblading toronto
microblading toronto

Who is a good candidate for microblading? 

Those needing a bit of a brow 'boost' - you might not have 'bad' eyebrows per se but you may have some patchy spots here and there.

Those that have overplucked and have irreversible results of some uneven tweezing,  or you'd like to avoid having to fill in your brows with makeup anymore.

Also those who are suffering from any hair loss that has led their brows to be very sparse or non-existent.

What can you expect at your appointment?

The first half hour is spent answering any questions you may have and deciding on the right shape and pigment color, so you will know exactly the brow shape we will be microblading before we start. We use an eyebrow pencil to draw in the preferred eyebrow shape which will act as a template to ensure the end result matches your desired shape. This first 30 minutes is also the time that we apply the numbing cream to let it set in. The next 20-30 minutes is spent drawing the actual hair strokes. The last 15-20  minutes is going over aftercare instructions and letting the pigment sit for a bit until we wipe it away and you're free to carry on with your day :) 

Will it be painful?

Numbing cream is initially applied and then numbing gel is reapplied throughout the process to ensure you don't feel anything. For those that do feel something the feeling is minimal and any pain totally tolerable. Some have described it as a mild scratching sensation; having been through it myself I can say I felt nothing more than some mild pressure but of course it will vary from person to person.

What is the aftercare/downtime?

There isn't any downtime in the sense that you can go back to work and resume normal activities almost immediately.  Do note that the microbladed area will appear darker and more bold in colour for the next few days during the healing process but will lighten significantly and be softer when healed.

We will go over the aftercare in detail during the procedure but the main points are to avoid sweating for about a week after the procedure, avoid putting any product or makeup on your brows for a couple weeks. There may be some flaking or scabbing depending on the person and procedure but overall it'll be a breeze the healing process. 

To book your microblading appointment or for  any questions about the process email: info@schulzbeauty.ca