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Jennifer Schulz
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist & Technician

Jennifer has always had a passion for beauty and helping women feel their best. After establishing herself as one of Vancouver's top bridal makeup and hair artists, Jennifer decided to move her business to Toronto.  Since arriving she has quickly made a name for herself and is now regularly sought after for her trademark signature look: flawless glowing skin, defined eyebrows, emphasis on enhancing the eyes and beautiful lashes. Whether for a night out on the town or the most important day, your wedding day, Jennifer will ensure every client walks away feeling like their best self.

Hannah Bronwyn
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist & Technician

Hannah has been enchanted by the power of makeup since she was a little girl, watching it transform, sculpt, enhance and bring brightness to the faces of those wearing it. Hannah has since had a life-long passion for educating and supporting women  while they build their own relationships with makeup. Hannah's mission is to make sure that every person who sits in her chair looks as incredible as they feel inside. To her, makeup is not about hiding flaws, it's about showcasing the beauty and individuality of the person wearing it. No matter the occasion, Hannah will make sure you look and feel your best! 


Stephanie Lemieux
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist/Brows & Technician

For as long as she can remember, Steph has been fascinated by how makeup can change and accentuate facial features, and the power it can have to create a feeling and help express yourself. Naturally, she started freelancing on her own in Saskatchewan before following her passion that brought her to Toronto three years ago. Along with Steph’s passion for makeup, she absolutely loves to help make her clients feel amazing and show them sides to themselves they hadn’t known before!


Nicole Ostonal
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist & Technician

Nicole’s family knew she was destined to be an artist when she was caught drawing on the walls with very expensive lipstick at 4 years old. Since then, she has pursued a career in the creative field, but it ultimately brought her back to her life long passion in beauty. Whether it’s through perfecting skin, brightening eyes or styling voluminous waves, Nicole is dedicated to making sure clients walk away feeling amazing and looking their best!